Symptoms of diabetes Type 3

Most often discussed is diabetes type 1 and 2, because not everyone knows that there is another version of this disease – diabetes type 3, also called secondary diabetes. This is a medical condition in which there is an increase in blood glucose level due to other diseases, such as chronic pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, congenital lipoatrophy or an excessive secretion of growth hormone.

In the case of diabetes of type 3 it can be observed same symptoms as with diabetes tyoe 1 and 2. Therefore, a patient feels excessive thirst, while often has to urinate. It is accompanied by the constant feeling of tiredness and lethargy, despite the large amount of sleep and rest. Excessive hunger is also felt, but even in the case of increasing food intake, weight loss occurs. If you notice these symptoms in yourself it is recommended to check the level of glucose, in particular when accompanied by one of the predisposing disease diabetes type 3. Be careful especially with hyperthyroidism, which causes impaired glucose tolerance up to 80%.

The treatment of diabetes type 3 requires primarily to cure the disease, which is the cause. Of course, until the return to health, it is necessary to use a proper diet and medications to maintain blood sugar at the right level. A rare cause of diabetes type 3 are sometimes certain medications. In this case, the disease is usually mild, and all symptoms disappear after discontinuation of medications.