Diabetes type 2

Diabetes is the name of several diseases which have in common a disorder of glucose exudation. Depending on the cause of this condition, we can talk about diabetes type 1, 2 and 3.

A characteristic feature of diabetes type 2 is a high insulin resistance of tissues. There is no such a serious impairment of insulin secretion, as in the case of diabetes type 1. The problem is that insulin is often not adapted to changed requirements of the organism. This type of diabetes is called insulin dependent (NIDDM) diabetes of adulthood.

In the initial phase of the treatment of diabetes type 2 there is an emphasis on a physical effort and a proper diet. Very often, an activity and good nutrition allow to lower blood glucose. If these actions do not bring results, then it is necessary to take drugs, such as inulin. However, be aware that then it is necessary to use regular monitoring of blood glucose level.

The most common symptoms of diabetes type 2 are frequent urination, increased appetite and weight loss. This type of diabetes is a chronic disease that shortens life expectancy by 10 years. Of course, much depends on diabetes type 2 treatment.

It is worth noting the fact that diabetes type 2, in particular, compromise obese patients. Also dangerous is hypertension and disturbances in the composition of fatty substances in the blood. A healthy lifestyle can prevent the disease or at least delay its start.