Gestational diabetes

One of diseases that can occur in the case of pregnant women is diabetes. Gestational diabetes are exposed even those women who had never had problems with the level of sugar in the organism.

The higher risk is in the case of women over 35 years of age and those in whose families where events of diabetes type 2. Diabetes also is also promoted by obesity, hypertension before pregnancy, early birth of more than two children or a baby weighing more than 4 kg, birth of a child of malformation, intrauterine deaths, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Gestational diabetes consists in increasing the concentration of glucose due to abnormal glucose tolerance. Symptoms usually appear between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy and persist for childbirth. If the symptoms have already appeared at the beginning of pregnancy, it can be suspected that the woman suffers from diabetes type 1 or 2, which has not been previously recognized.

Although gestational diabetes usually disappears after childbirth, it is an important warning signal. In the case of a woman, who had it, the likelihood of developing diabetes type 2 is in fact higher than in the case of those woman who during pregnancy had no problems with the level of glucose in the organism.


Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of gestational diabetes, but a healthy lifestyle reduces the probability of its occurrence. Therefore, it is worth to run a healthy diet, maintain the correct posture of the body and do not forget about a regular physical activity.