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Is Diabetes Curable?

Diabetes has been a nemesis of the patients for long. The advancements in science and technology have succeeded in devising ways and means to control and even reduce the effects of diabetes. The treatment and management of diabetes has seen many developments of late, but the million dollar question still remains unanswered. Is diabetes curable?

Well, some so-called experts claim to have found the diabetes cure through various natural remedies. For instance, Gabriel Cousens MD, through his experiments and trials on 6 diabetic patients (four Type 2 and two Type 1 diabetics), observed that 4 of these patients had a complete stabilization of blood sugar levels without any medications, after being on an all-raw, organic plant-based diet for 30 days. However, the sample size is too small to even take the claims of Cousens seriously.

Similarly, the hardcore yoga practitioners in India believe that they have cure for diabetes through breathing exercises and yogic postures. Essentially, they profess healthy and active lifestyle combined with specific exercises to cure diabetes. However, scientific community, while acknowledge the benefits of exercises and healthy lifestyle in treating diabetes, differ when it comes to the claims of permanently curing the disease.

So, the settled position is that the medical community has not yet been able to find a cure for diabetes, although they have largely managed to control both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Experiments and Promises

Several clinical trials and experiments are underway to find a cure for diabetes and some of these are expected to achieve their objective of finding a cure for diabetes that has assumed epidemic proportions in the past decade.

  1. Pancreatic Transplant: Physicians and surgeons are studying the feasibility and efficacy of pancreatic transplant in patients with uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes, but with a functioning kidney. Since insulin is produced by the pancreas, the malfunctioning pancreas, if replaced and transplanted by healthy pancreas, can work wonders for some diabetes patients. For patients whose kidneys are also damaged, both pancreas and kidneys need to be transplanted. Although the current success rate of such complicated surgeries is very low, the doctors are trying to perfect the procedure so as to make it a success.
  2. Islet Transplant: Islets of Langerhans are the insulin-producing beta cells found in the pancreas. The clinicians are working on perfecting the procedure to successfully transplant the good Islets of Langerhans from a deceased donor to the diabetic patient. These islets start producing insulin in the donee pancreas; thereby, regulating the blood sugar level in a natural and healthy way.

While the cure for diabetes may take some time for validation, the patients will do well to manage and treat their diabetes with healthy lifestyle, lots of exercise, balanced diet and of course, the doctor prescribed regular medication.

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